Rescue Well was founded by Christine Sandberg in Baltimore, Maryland in 2011. Since our launch, we’ve grown from offering support to the local city shelter, to offering support across Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. Our aim is to improve the lives of both pets and their people and we serve without judgment or expectations. While we’ve grown in both scale and in team members, we remain a volunteer-run, donor-funded organization.

Our goal:
We work to prevent the surrender of pets to perpetually-full shelters and rescues.

How we do what we do:
We connect pet owners to resources so pets can remain with their families. When surrendering is the best or only option, we provide advertising and adoption application processing services to aid owners in the rehoming process. Our support and our services are always free of charge.

We don’t do what we do on our own! 
We partner with people-centric non-profit organizations, hospital systems, enforcement, and others in order to provide holistic support to the whole family. We also lead the Coalition of Outreach and Rescues (CORE) where membership exceeds 100 organizations. In CORE, we lean on one another to share resources, to share best-practices, and to cheer each other on. If your organization would like to join CORE, please reach out to us at