Who We Are

Rescue Well was founded by Christine Sandberg in Baltimore, Maryland in 2011. Since its launch, it’s grown from offering post-adoption support to the city shelter, to offering several programs across Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. Our Programs focus on improving the lives of both pets and its owners. We proudly serve without judgment or expectations and we strictly follow our Rescue Well Engagement Model: ENGAGE > EDUCATE > EMPOWER.

Our organization’s programs are run by volunteers who serve in the following roles: Program Managers, Placement Managers, City Managers, Certified Transporters, and volunteers.

We work to stem the flow of animal surrenders to area shelters. We serve through a series of Programs that provide resources to fulfill unmet community needs and to prevent or stop neglect and abuse. We bring these solutions to the Baltimore area’s most at-risk communities.

Community Service

Rescue Well goes yard-by-yard in Baltimore’s most at-risk communities, where we put our Engage, Educate, and Empower model to work.

Well Placed Pet

Rescue Well provides free screening and marketing assistance to pet owners seeking to re-home pets.

Shelter Support

Rescue Well provides support to Maryland’s largest open-admission shelter.

Well Connected

Rescue Well partners with social workers, local shelters and organizations to provide assistance to both pets and people in need.