Who We Are

Our volunteer-run organization works to stem the flow of unwanted pets that enter our area shelters. We do this through a series of Programs aimed at providing resources to the most at-risk communities, and preventing or stopping neglect and abuse.
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Community Support.

Rescue Well provides a year-round presence in Baltimore's most at-risk communities. We build strong community relationships, and we help its residents by connecting them to solutions that solve deep-rooted issues. We believe that cultural change happens one resident and one choice at a time. [more ...]

Shelter Support

Rescue Well provides support to Maryland's largest open-admission shelter. Post-adoption, our team contacts adopters to collect feedback and to provide post-adoption support. We also provide Owner Surrender assistance to owners who are seeking to re-home pets. [more...]

Well-Placed Pet

Rescue Well provides free screening and marketing assistance to pet owners seeking to re-home a pet. We proactively contact Craig's List (and similar) advertisers to offer our services as a layer of safety. [more ...]

HOTLINE: (410) 456-1392