Where do donations go?

100% of your donations go directly to support our efforts on the front line. We do not draw a salary or compensation of any kind.

Are you a shelter?

No. We do not have a facility. We support Maryland’s largest open-admission shelter (BARCS), and several area rescue groups.

Are you a 501 (c)(3) non-profit?

Rescue Well is a registered, federally-recognized non-profit organization (EIN# 81-3554843). Your donations are 100% tax deductible.

Why do you support BARCS, instead of a “no kill” shelter?

We choose to support BARCS because unlike “no kill” facilities, BARCS must accept every animal that enters the facility through the general public, and through Animal Control. BARCS receives an average of 12,000 animals per year – a staggering number considering the facility has space for roughly 20% of what comes in. The BARCS staff works closely with area rescues to transfer animals out, and they also have a strong volunteer and foster base. We couldn’t be more proud of the effort put forth by the staff and its volunteers every single day, and we are honored to support them.